Great BLuefin Tuna Fish 500KG


Nothing compares to bluefin tuna when it muscles, stamina, strength and size nothing For decades the waters out of Prince Edwards Island in Canada was the spot where these giants gathered to feed on herrings and mackerels but then they more or less depopulate over the years. Thanks to strict commercial regulation and management the monster tunas are there aagain! Bluefin’s exceeding 500 to 750 KG thrive in these waters and a carefully regulated charter fishing business is allowed to take sporting fishermen out on the ultimate adventure — to chase a giant Bluefin Tuna!

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160 cm of Soroya!

160 cm  of Soroya! It was during the morning on the first full day of the trip when I sat in the boat and almost half asleep in anticipation of stronger currents and stab, then it suddenly scratching at the spot!After a few seconds of staring intently at the rod tip bowed sharply and heart rate were increased significantly while the fish at the other end put the entire weight of the rope and began to walk!After about 10 minutes of prying and hefty lactic acid in both arms and back came the hob to the surface and was ready for the fork! But it did not stay long enough for the gaffe to sit without turning his head down and did a real ancient power rush down to the bottom again and that was just to start over with LUG and puffing and dumb body parts! One of the other boats approached when the flounder again came to the surface, and the next attempt by gaffe sat like a glove and the guys in the boat next door started to shoot with the camera as if a beautiful woman just thrown off her top .

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